A lifelong process

Having gone to the party yesterday and talked to many people, it made me realize once again, that everyone is going through something!  Addictions are only one small aspect of our everyday lives... everyone has them... though all different.  We are all in this together and sometimes just talking about the challenges we face in life is therapeutic... we feel closer to others and more like we are all in this together!  Because we are..
Just some random thoughts... staying away is the best...everything happens for a reason.. This journey that we are all on... this part too will pass..and we'll all be in the next phase, the next chapter,,, closer to   not sure what. :] :]
Have a great Labor Day!



Well I don\'t think addictions are a small part because of the damage it does to ones life. Whether it is drugs, gambling, or another addiction, it monopolizes the persons thoughts and actions. I have seen lives destroyed by addiction. Loss of family, business, reputation, home and friends. I do agree the best solution is to stay away. hugs barb