Yesterday went ok. I was more active around the house and did good with my eating until evening. I took my son to go grocery shopping because he was out of food. Then afterwards he wanted to go to burger king. I planned that I would not buy anything for myself, but I couldn't resist-scratch that- I DIDNT resist. bought me two of those burger shots even though I had already had dinner. Then I started craving everything. Every time I passed a restaurant or billboard I started craving whatever it was advertising. I did remember then to talk myself out of it. I reminded myself that it is not a physical hunger but an indulgent craving and that by giving in to it I am lessening my chances of ever becoming a normal weight. I reminded myself of all the things I hope to do. It seemed to work. At least I didn't go get pizza, ribs, birthday cake, etc. (lol). I almost forgot to do treadmill, but I made myself do it even though I didn't want to. Today is my day to go to Curves. I'm dreading it, but I'll probably enjoy it when I get there. heres hoping the day goes well for me and all of you too.