I have been so tired today. Yesterday too, after church and errands I came home and slept for  3 hours. I barely made 100 steps this morning and I'm not feeling up to doing the treadmill tonight. I'm going to try to talk myself into at least getting on the treadmill. Even if I can only do 20 or 30 steps, I need to do something.  My eating so far has been ok. breakfast was good-2 fiber 1 bars. Lunch I had a hotdog, but I had a few chips and 4 ginger snaps. I had about 5 chips, which is way less than I would normally eat, but I had intended on not having any. They weren't even the oven baked kind. Deep fried full of grease. It's weird how something can be kinda gross yet taste delicious. Gingersnaps didn't bother me as much. I would normally have eaten alot more, but they're not all that caloric and 4 isn't going to do much damage. I wish I'd left the chips alone though. Even though I only had a few, it's the idea that I just had to stick my hand in there and take some.I think I need to start taking my vitamins again and drinking more water. I feel like I'm carrying more weight now than when I started. Well, blessings to all and thanks again for your support.



I know when I was watching things closely in the past, that weeks I drank a lot of water I lost more weight than weeks I didn\'t! I need to do that, too...I don\'t drink enough at all, and what I do drink is Diet Coke.

Somedays we aren\'t going to be perfect...but you know, 5 chips for lunch didn\'t make us fat....(I have a hard time stopping at less than half a bag!!!)

Be proud of yourself for stopping at the 5 chips and walking away. Now that takes STRENGTH!!!! LOL

I\'m also getting back on the vitamins....thanks for the reminder.

One more thing...just want to thank you for the comments on my journals. I\'m really enjoying checking in to see how you are doing, and also seeing your comments on my journals. It is good to have a \"buddy\" for support.

Thanks for being part of my recovery from overeating!