It's been 4 weeks since PJ's suicide, I thought time was supposed to help, and I suppose it is in a way, I don't cry as much.  I'm just so mad at the circumstances that caused him to do such a horrible thing, I can't imagine the pain he had to have been in, and it seems that is all I keep thinking about, is how this person could get away with the lies she told, and everyone automatically believes her, all she is, is a total liar, and I hope to God that the old saying "what goes around, comes around" is true, because if anyone deserves to be judged it's her.  Poor PJ, obviously felt he had no other options but to do what he did.  I just seem to get angrier every day that I know she's out there walking around having a good time, while my son is dead.  If I had 2 wishes, the first would be to have my son back, the second would be to have her neck in my hands, so I could throttle her, I'm being nice about what I'd like to do to her.