Made it through the day without talking to the stbx.   Actually wasnt that hard. Of course being so pissed off at her doesnt make it tough right now.     She must have called me or txt messaged me about 10x.   I called the boys to say good night by calling my oldests cell phone.  I heard her come running downstairs asking Zac if it was "dad"?   I talked to Zac then Collin, and before she could grab the phone hung up.  She called me back immidietely and I didnt answer.I know her only reasons for wanting to talk to me is because she is concerned what I might do about the divorce.  Will I get a lawyer and ask for support? Will I try to change the custody agreement? Will I go after her retirement?   She is scared.  Good. It feels nice to have some power back in this whole mess.  Let her sit and wonder.   She has done nothing but lie to me since this whole thing started. I feel better today. Not talking to her seems to have helped. So im going to do the same thing today.