The pain on my left side continues.  I wonder if it is my spleen.  It's frustrating that scans/tests don't seem to find stuff that surgery does.  Unfortunately, I am too skinny to be a candidate for surgery.  I can't seem to gain any weight.   I quit taking the diflucan for a week and sure enough, my tongue is red, swollen and sore.  Does not make sense.  Needless to say, I am going back on the Diflucan.  I have not read anything that says Diflucan helps with symptoms of Pellegra.  I will talk to the doctor this week about perhaps doing an endoscope since my swallowing is "challenged".  I've been chewing my food and spitting it out.  Yuck!  sounds awful.  Food just seems to get stuck right at the back of the throat.  It's not like dysphagia because I am not aspirating and liquids seem to go down okay.I am frustrated!