the most incredible thing happened. i am so awed that for 2 days i havent even been able to write my story.  if you all remember my dog sheinie, she is a black labrador, she is exceptionally bonded to me, cries even if she cant get into a room i am in. she is with me all the time.after jessy passed, sheinie changed. i have 5 dogs and she had been leader of the pack. when jeessy passed, she became - like - sad. she no longer led the group, nor was aggressive to strangers. she seemed to withdraw a lot from everything else, except grew increasingly even more attached to me. she seemed slower, i was really worried. i took her to the vet. who said it looks like sheinie is beginning to slowly lose her eyesight, that it is a congenital thing. i was so sad. the vet said there is nothing i can do, except give her lots of love and reassurance.  which of course i do. the other thing is that when jessy passed, i just knew that her sign to me would be a bird. i dont know why. i just felt it. not to say any bird i ever saw would be a sign from jessy, but if there was any specific event with a bird, it would be jessy. i thought maybe im just being stupid and aching for a sign. on monday my kids came running to me in the lounge, and said there was a little pigeon in my bedroom. i ran to see, khaely had her, and handed her to me. i gently stroked her head. she was young but didn't appear injured. i knew to let her go. i went outside and put my hand out. she sat on my hand for a few seconds and then flew away.  on tuesday, the kids started shouting, the bird is back in the house!  i couldnt believe it. i ran to them and again khaely handed it to me. i told them i think jessy is coming to say hello to us. they wanted to keep the pigeon but i explained to them that we have to let her be free. i went outside and held her up on my hand, and once again she flew away. yesterday being wednesday, she came back AGAIN!!  no, this couldnt be!  she was just outside the door. i went to pick her up, i stroked her and she seemed so calm. i held out my hand but she didnt fly away. i wasnt sure if there was a problem, so i put her on top of the door perched, so she could fly when she was ready. next thing i saw it flying just a foot above the ground, and the dogs were after it. i ran screaming through the house to save her. when i got there, the one dog put her down out of his mouth. she was dead. i sat down next to her and stroked her. i wept and i was sad. i know to you i need not explain the emotion. and if all THAT wasn;t strange enough, something even MORE awesome happened....  i took the little bird, and it was hot, and i went to sit in the shade outside jessy's room. all the dogs were trying to sniff and were stupid, and i shoo'd them away. except sheinie. she came and sat beside me, and she looked at me. she proceeded to get up and did the most remarkable thing i have ever experienced. she went  foot or 2 away, into the corner and started digging. she dug and dug until she had dug a whole big enough for the bird. then she sat and looked at me. i placed the bird gently into the ground, and i gently and slowly buried her.  sheinie licked me and looked at me, we both got up and walked inside slowly together. the little pigeon is buried outside jessy's room, which corners with my room so she is in the corner where our 2 rooms meet. and sheinie had made the grave. she is lying beside me now. i feel in a strange way jessy is laying beside me too.  on sunday is the unveiling of jessy's tombstone