Dear Kitty,
          I've got a lot of news from the past week! I was a little upset the day before Dan arrived, but, when he arrived on the Friday, I couldn't be annoyed any more, and I was just glad to see him. He was a little drunk, but it was alright, and I was so happy he was finally at mine and with me. I don't really remember what we did that night. That might have been the day we watched Hercules (unless that was Sunday. Maybe we watched Chobits that night).
          On Saturday, we went into town to collect Nick and ended up in Frank's, playing Scrabble - Dan won. We all went to CEX on the way home, where I picked up Harry Potter 6 for Wii, Dan chose a really crap multiplayer mushroom game (don't ask) and Nick bought Worms so we could play it on my PS2 later that night. I made tea when we got home (Quorn stir fry) and then we all (William included) stayed up until FOUR AM drinking, playing 'Never Have I Ever', 'Worms' and 'Ring Of Fire'. It was actually a really great night, and catching up with Nick was fantastic. William and I woke up at ten the next day (William only because he had work), and the other two slept until half past two. We played more Worms that afternoon and then took Nick to the bus stop. He ended up having to get on the train at Diss after he missed the last bus to Norwich, but it was alright. On Monday, Dan and I got up early and spent the day at the seaside! We went to Cromer together for the day. We found some swings just after we arrived and raced on the obstacle course in the park (which was fun) and then had a look around the town. We went on some amusements for a while, too - they did ticket-things, and we won loads of them! It meant that we got to trade them in for prizes; a doll for me (we wanted a unicorn, but oh well), a yoyo for Dan, lots of sweets, a Snow White stamp (for me) and a Snoopy phone charm (also for me). I bought him lunch with my 'bottle money' from Fenny and Pop - Cromer crab sandwiches - and we went paddling in the afternoon, as well as on some other amusements. We've now got (really tiny) matching mugs! His has SpongeBob on it, and mine has Hello Kitty. We looked in a bookshop on the way back, and he offered to buy me an ice cream - I can't really have ice cream these days, though, so I had a blue Slushie and he had rum and raisin ice cream (just like last year!). We were sleepy all the way home and went to sleep almost straight after tea.
            We'd been planning on going rambling on Tuesday, but we decided we were too tired, so had a look around Long Stratton instead. I've got a new jigsaw puzzle now! On Wednesday, he turned up twelve hours early for filming - 10am rather than 10pm - so I went to join him in Norwich and we had a nice time looking at all the antiques shops and second-hand bookshops. There's a pair of size 5 1960s figure skates in Aladdin's Cave, which I'm so so tempted to buy...
             I made pizza that night, but Dan didn't get back until 4am, so we just went straight to sleep when he got home. Well, he went straight to sleep - I went straight back to sleep because I'd gone to bed at midnight. We woke up early-ish on Thursday and didn't do a lot except for stay in bed until William got home. Actually, we've made a lot of 'progress' in the physical side of our relationship now - he's finally seen me completely naked, and I him, and we had a shower together. He also spanked me hard for teasing him, and more so because I pouted afterwards. Last night, we watched 'Grave Of The Fireflies' and, this morning, we did the same thing as yesterday. Turns out my knee socks drive him wild! We had brunch in the garden and then played Hide'n'Seek, Tig and One-Knee-Two-Knee. He left at ten past seven, because he's teaching in the morning, but he'll be back tomorrow afternoon!
I love how he treats me like a child sometimes. It's nice to be 'allowed' to get overexcited and cute and girly and just plain silly, and then we've also got the physical side to our relationship. He treats me like I mean the world to him and essentially just does all he can to make me smile. I get told off when I misbehave, and spanked sometimes, but it's a relationship we're both ridiculously happy in. When I'm with him, I can just relax and smile and be childish - and he's not going to judge me for it because it's one of the reasons he loves me so much.
And I'm absolutely covered in bite marks right now. Mmm.