Dear Kitty,
            so, I turned up at Dan's at ten past eleven yesterday. He opened his presents - the drawing was his favourite - and then we watched half of 'Drive' before his mum rang. She's lovely; really friendly, and Dan thinks she likes me. We went to Dan's godmother's house quickly, and then she, Dan's mum, Dan and I went to The Belgian Monk for lunch. Dan and I spent the afternoon in the Playhouse afterwards, playing chess and having a proper DMC about where we are in this relationship. I wanted to check that he was happy - and he is, although he says that the distance isn't ideal, but he doesn't want to not be with me. We headed to the Bicycle Shop at eight, where Tom (not my Tom) was waiting for us. Josh turned up shortly afterwards, and then Craig, Verity and Will appeared - so we had to rearrange the upstairs of the restaurant to fit everyone in (oh dear). KD and Peb arrived a moment later. Josh bought a bottle of champagne for all of us, and we toasted Dan, and then we all just sat and talked and laughed and drank. I'd never met Peb before, because he lives in Truro - and he knows Sam Mitchell! What a tiny world the choral world is. Peb and I talked about choral music for ages, and about Eton, and about how terrible Rutter is and how fantastic the Howells St Paul's is. We moved downstairs after everyone had finished their meals, and then Craig, Peb and I ended up speaking German together. Dan got a bit lost when Peb and I ended up just laughing at Craig's (terrible) German, but we all had a great time. Dan and I walked back together, and then made out for a little while and went to sleep (I now have my first lovebite. Unf).
             Dan and I lay in bed for ages this morning and didn't get up until one. We finished 'Drive', and then went out for a walk around UEA lake. It was really pretty - all orange and red, and starting to get foggy. It really feels like autumn now, and I can't wait until Christmas! Dan walked me to the bus stop and then stayed with me until the bus arrived. He's coming over tomorrow, and then we're off to London on Thursday. Our train gets back at half midnight, so I'm staying at his, and then again on Friday after the party. I'm so busy!