Dear Kitty,
             I went to the 4th today. There are heaps of great vintage shops, and I found a really lovely 60s dress in one for only 18 euros! I also bought a dress and a skirt in H&M - both black-and-white - because I'm a bit fed up with jeans. I really must stop shopping so much.
            It turns out that Julia may be coming back to Paris for New Year's, to work for Marie-Pascale. I have absolutely no problem with this - she'll be there at the same time as me, and I may well invite Alex over for New Year's itself. Whether or not he'll say yes, I don't know - but, oh, it would be so nice to have him here. There's so much I want to show him! Plus it means that he'll have another chance to try and get me to watch all the films on the list of 'Films Alex Thinks I Should See' (in the back of my summer diary). There's a list of 'Films I Think Alex Should See' - but it's much shorter, and he's seen most of them now, anyway. He's such a sweetie! (Just thought I'd throw that in there...)
            Also today was Thanksgiving, and the family upstairs celebrates it. I spent my evening putting things in the microwave over and over again, and trying to get Etienne to behave. He seems set on ignoring everything I say. Luckily, there was another kid over for tonight's dinner, so Etienne ate with him, the adults ate by themselves, and I got to have my tea with the boys. Which was fun - if a little odd. (Quote Regis: 'if you froze sperm, do you reckon it would look like this?' while holding up a piece of cheesecake)
P.S. Also quote Regis: Canada - America's useless hat.