Dear Kitty,
I feel like a saint.
Yesterday, I sang a requiem for someone I had never met and who nobody knew. Then I went to bed at half past ten, having tidied my room, done all my washing up, cleaned my bathroom and bought a nice skirt and sensible bag.
This morning? I woke up at eight with a terrible headache and no voice to speak of (no pun intended). So I stayed in bed all morning and watched 'Supersize Vs Superskinny', taking aspirin and drinking hot water - and then went to work at half two. Etienne hasn't cried once, has hardly complained, spent half an hour giggling and basically been an angel. He told me he loved me when I put him to bed, and I felt like Super Au Pair. There are days when he is adorable and perfect and cute and I love those days - compared to days like Tuesday when he was a total pain and had a tantrum when I tried to put him to bed.
But I feel good today. Early night, methinks - hopefully I can shake off this cold befor the girls all arrive.
Also I'm off home in ten days, and will hopefully see Alex in eleven! Oh, Alex - I've missed you so much. I can't wait!!!
P.S. I see myself more and more as 'Chessie', and less and less as the 'Fran' who left Oundle in July. I feel like I've already changed and learned so much - and it feels like it's all been for the better.
P.P.S. I'm definitely getting back my self-control, and am managing to keep myself motivated to exercise and to eat less. My aerobics DVD should arrive tomorrow, I hope.