Dear Kitty,
you know how college kids in American films get 'care-packages' from their parents? I feel a bit like that - I've had so much post this week! Yesterday, I got a postcard from home, and a parcel that had my yearbook, my camel charm, my railcard and a note in it from Mrs Meisner - and today? Well, Laurent just knocked on my door to tell me that he was going to pick up Etienne, and handed me an enormous box (he was smiling too, which was a bonus). The box was wrapped in brightly coloured paper with a pattern of presents, and, oh, how I wanted to savour opening it! But, of course, I'm far too impatient. Inside it, there was a lovely hat, a copy of book one of the Ouran manga, a book called 'La Vie Parisienne', TWO letters, a scarf and a bag of 'Honeydukes Ice Mice'.
Letters from home and words from friends mean more to me than anything else right now - as appreciated as English books are, there's nothing better than finding out all that's happening with those who mean most.
Oh, Kitty - I am so so loved.
P.S. I was walking back from choir yesterday in the dark, and it was cold and windy. I was surrounded by autumn leaves, and listening to Allie Moss' 'Corner', when I looked up - and there, right in front of me, was the Eiffel Tower. It really hit me that I was HERE, in Paris - and I couldn't stop smiling. I love the Eiffel Tower - it makes getting up early on Monday so worth it, because I get off the metro at Trocadero for my conference class. Right in front of Trocadero station is the Eiffel Tower, and seeing it in the sunrise, surrounded by mist - well, there's nothing better.
Must dash - Etienne's back, and I'm 'on-call'.