Dear Kitty,
             Alex came to stay on Wednesday, which has been glorious. We went to Norwich on Thursday and saw the cathedral and the BBC centre - and then found a marvellous antiques shop (which we went to twice because Alex left his jumper in it) and a really great bookshop. We also got to see the latest Harry Potter and I made him watch 'V For Vendetta' - we've now got lists of films that we think the other should see. Admittedly, mine is much longer than his, but hey. On Friday, we went to Southwold and I treated him to 'The Suffolk Experience' - so cold weather, outdated amusements and boredom. We did, however, find another bookshop and somewhere that was having a record sale. Alex is also the only person I know who can play the 2p Machines and both make a profit and win three keyrings. We went to the pub when we got back, which would have been fine if it wasn't in the middle of some woods and we walked back in the pitch black. So yes - interesting, certainly. Also we had a massively long and slightly intoxicated DMC.
              He left about two hours ago, but might be coming up again on Tuesday because I've the house to myself and Mum's worried about me being alone. I'm just glad William won't be there - he's been deliberately as embarrassing as possible since Wednesday.