Dear Kitty,
             I have discovered three things:
                    1) I really need to get back into Harry Potter
                    2) There is a place online where you can learn Parseltongue
                    3) Cleaning is much more fun when you're listening to all the Disney cleaning songs
              Yes, I am cool - I spent my Saturday night cleaning the kitchen. I'm not sure why; I had to do some washing up and drying up etc. and then I though 'Well, I may as well clean the floor.' And then it was 'Well, while the floor dries, I should probably clean the hob.' And things got a bit out of hand after that - so I cleaned the kitchen, the living room and the study. I worry myself, occasionally. It was, however, very therapeutic, and Mum was surprised when she got back this morning.
               William and I have been having fun over the weekend because Mum hasn't been here, so we've stayed up really late, messed around, and just done what we like. It's all - well, much less strained. I know that sounds cruel, but it's true. I feel like William and I have bonded, though - either that or he's upset, because he gave me a hug, then carried me across the landing, and then dropped me down the stairs when I told him to put me down. We're not a very affectionate family, so I hope he's alright.