Dear Kitty,
            I know I haven't written for ages, so I apologise.
            Georgie, Katie and I all got back from France on Thursday, and I was sad to leave. We basically spent ten days doing - well, not a lot. We went to a water park, did a lot of swimming, a lot of shopping, spoke some French and got very drunk. As far as holidays go, it was a new - and thoroughly enjoyable - experience. As well as being sad for the holiday to be over, I was sad to be leaving Katie and Georgie too - I won't see Katie until October, and God knows when I'll next see Georgie. Saying goodbye to people is always horrible, and I've taken a strong dislike to it.
             Alex gets back from Rome tomorrow, and he's coming up next week - I can't wait. Isn't it funny how things turn out? I never thought I'd end up going out with Alex; I've known him since First Form, and yet neither of us imagined this. It's peculiar - but very enjoyable. I got my first text from him in three weeks yesterday after I sent him one that said 'Ecce! Romani! Well done on not dying', and he sent back a much more romantic one; 'Hi, how're you? Rome is great - sad you can't be here too. Missing you loads'. I've missed him too - as Georgie and Katie can both tell you.
           Oooh, I've gone all soppy. Maybe I should stop looking at the Disneyland website and watch a violent film. 'Rocky', perhaps.
P.S. Am debating whether to get a fringe. Is difficult.