Dear Kitty,
             I am in one of those moods where I am just really, really angry but can't find any way to relieve it. I want to make lots of noise but I can't find music that suits; I want to cry but I just can't.
             It's probably my exam tomorrow that's stressing me out - but I'm just so angry with everything. My only worry is that someone will notice - or that I will end up shouting at someone.
             Actually, I know exactly what the reasons are for once. Reason 1 is my year, and it's a STUPID reason because they probably didn't even mean it like that but it's really upset me. Reason 2 is my lack of boyfriend. Sure, the book 'Pure' says that singleness is something to celebrate, but I just feel so - well, lonely. I don't even know why, but it's just like I've got an enormous great hole in my chest, and I haven't found a way to fill it yet. Stupid, I know.
             We both know how I usually deal with feeling like this, and you have no idea how much I want to. It's awful, I know.
But I'm going to watch my German film instead.



Always here... even in that super creepy way xxx