Dear Kitty,
           I am trying out a new writing style, and I don't know if it's working. I've written the first scene of a new play - called 'When Night Hath Fell, or, A Romancing of Gentry'. Here's a very teeny-tiny excerpt:
'O, that thy concerned eyes may fall upon my sorrow and,
By faith, note my peril and my curse.'
And a different part:
'Nay, 'tis not Darton, but his son - Adalric!
This happy man, wise beyond his age,
Hath held thy castle and thy mistress until thy moment of return -
And knowing that thou wouldst return, he hath left to find thee,
So that he may return what is thine.'
            I'm not too sure, but I'm enjoying the new experience. I've put up the first scene on FictionPress under my pen-name, so I'm hoping that a review or two may appear soon...
Ah, the writings of a tormented author...
P.S. I went busking today and earned enough to really get these birthday presents sorted! Hurrah!



\"When night hath fallen\" - surely?

nope. definitely \'when night hath fell\'. I was maybe going to call it \'when night is fell\', but the first one sounded better to me.