Dear Kitty,
           well, what a thoroughly eventful week!
           Monday: began making a dress
           Tuesday: began to get ill
           Wednesday: job interview for BSofB
           Thursday: mock diploma
           Friday: job interview for BSofGz
           Saturday: left for the Open House Weekend!
           Sunday: finished dress, came back, wore dress
Obviously, this weekend has been the best bit of this week - and probably of the term so far. We got there yesterday evening at around 1845, had tea, then had a talk on 'relationships' - more specifically, how we can relate to people and God. The rest of the evening was spent playing board games (Katie), playing the ukulele (Janis), and sewing (me, Duckie and Hutchy). Katie and I shared a room - and frankly, I'm very surprised we slept at all.
             We got up at eight this morning, and I finished sewing the straps onto my dress. Then we all had breakfast, packed our things up again, and then had our second talk - 'marriage'. Then we played Crocker, and had our third talk on 'dating'. After that, we (the girls) discussed what we looked for in a husband, and what the Bible said we should look for; how we handle relationships with boys and also how we dress. I missed out on the fourth talk because Mr Eadon came to pick us up for a rehearsal (Tonks and I hid under the table in the hope that he might not see us).
             Overall, it was thoroughly thought-provoking, and I really enjoyed it. It's given me things to think about, things I need to work out for myself, and also put me in a very good mood - which was slightly dampened during tea when all the Kirkeby girls decided that we had no life and opting not to have sex before marriage was 'sad'. I don't agree with this at all, and actually, this weekend has just strengthened my view on it. I also need to think about how I dress a bit more; if what I'm wearing is too short, or too low, or things like that. I know I already dress fairly modestly - but some of my outfits are a little too revealing, I think. I'll work on it.
              One of the best things about the weekend was just the fact that it was with Open House people. I can be myself around them - so basically completely over the top. My accent comes out and I say stupid things and I'm confident and - oh, it's one of the best feelings in the world. A little like performing on stage, I think; I don't think I've ever otherwise had that feeling. Also Katie is now actually calling herself a Christian - which has made me very happy indeed. She's now my godtwin.
What a long letter! I feel as though it's made up for my lack of them in the last week.



you don\'t need the bible to tell you what to do... just be happy with what you wear, what you do, what you look for and, ultimately, who you are! You don\'t need some brainwashed guy with an old book to make you happy!
But, I\'m glad you had fun xxx

it wasn\'t a guy - it was a girl. so ha. plus they weren\'t old.