Dear Kitty,
             there's something that I remember about once a moth, sometimes less.
             When I was in Second Form - well, in the summer holidays of that year - I went to Orleans on a French Exchange. I was so excited about it! When I got there, I sat down in front of my suitcase to unpack, and thought to myself 'hey, ten days seems like ages, but it'll seem like it's gone really fast when it's over!'
              Looking back on that now, it's true. I've been at Oundle for so long, and now, with only half a year left, I can't believe how much has happened. I've learned so much, I've done a lot of music, I've had so many amazing opportunities - and, most importantly of all, I've met so many people who have changed my life. I'll go through the non-obvious ones now:
Mr Warburton - my violin teacher. He's taught me that you can meet people who are truly supportive, and actually care about their pupils, rather than how well they do. I discovered this after a really bad day, when he didn't teach me for almost my whole lesson and talked to me about East Germany, all because I 'didn't seem right' when I came in. I've learned an awful lot from him; not only about the violin, but about musicianship and about life.
Herr Watson - despite the fact that he still calls me 'Cecily' on a regular basis, I absolutely adore him. He's the most insane teacher I've ever met, but he really inspired me to keep up my German. He's taught me about music and about language, and I don't think I'll ever meet anyone quite like him.
Herr Johnston - quite possibly one of the loveliest people alive. He's always been supportive and kind, and he was very lenient about my work last year when I didn't have time. He's a great teacher - he takes a genuine interest in his pupils, and gave us tips not only on our German, but on many other things in life. Such as 'always drink a glass of milk before you go clubbing'.
Mr Kent - possibly as insane as Herr Watson, he's always recognised my obsession with Japan and completely supported it. He taught me Chinese, and every lesson was brilliant; none of us quite knew what would happen that day. He was funny and had some slightly unorthodox ways of teaching us Chinese - such as letting us watch Japanese films in our lessons - but I don't think I'm going to forget him soon.
Jess Eastwell - she taught me that age doesn't matter, and that I'm completely entitled to do whatever I want.
Rosalind Miller - I met her at a Cambridge Open Day, and I don't think I've ever met anyone so like me in my life. She - and all the people from Eton - reminded me that there is a world outside Oundle.
Mrs Watt and Doc. H. - how I would have managed without these two, I really can't imagine. Doc H got me through the Berrystead; he cheered me up, looked after me, and used to let me play with Lara when I was sad. I was the baby of the Berrystead at the time, and he was very much a 'father figure'; he took care of me, and really helped me to mature. Mrs Watt was much the same, but helped me to get through Fourth and Fifth Form, two really difficult years. She supported my music and my Japanese, and her mother used to occasionally teach me the violin.
These are but a few of the people who have really affected my life. But how many of these people will I still know in ten years? And, more importantly, where will we be?