Dear Kitty,
         Right now, it is so difficult not to SH. One bar of music, and my mind totally changed - like someone flicked a switch. Now I can't help but remember everything from the last year, and it hurts, Kitty, it really hurts. I miss it all - every moment of how things were this time last year, because it was almost all perfect and so much fun and, I know that I can't ever be like that again. I want to be so so much, and I just miss it all. Everything was simple, and life was all picnics and games and films, and - it's hard to put into words. I'm more mature, more experienced and I have actually changed a lot, as has everyone else. But, again, I just wish we could all go back to being exactly how we were last year. Then things were simple, and life was easy.
        I miss it, Kitty. Now I want to forget.