Dear Kitty,            I am incredibly bored and would rather like to go back to school now; it's all very well to finish GCSEs and have an eleven week holiday, but I miss everyone!!! Speaking of GCSEs, it's only three days (eeep!) til results! I'm petrified, but I want to know what I got at the same time! I'm hoping I've got back in, but I'm still really worried I haven't...still, all I can do is hope for the best.             Anne's had more letters than you recently, so I'm sorry for neglecting you. Quite a lot's happened: Tom's been to stay - which was lovely - I've injured myself again (but not deliberately), Mum's been stung by a wasp, and, oh, heaps of other things. I promise I'll give you a holiday summary at some point, but for now I have to go; Fenny's calling.I will write again - I'm just not quite sure when.             Yours,                   Francesca