My dearest Kitty,              I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday, and a lot less confused. I mean yes, fair enough, I've cried twice in the last twenty-four hours, and I hardly ever cry, but I'm fine now! Actually, I'm better than I've felt for ages, even though one of my sleeves is now stretched (thank you, Hector) Otherwise, I'm fine. I've been watching 'Ice Princess' again, and I can't get over her long program at the's so amazing! Actually, the film in general is incredible, so...             I had a DMC with Hector today; it turns out that he did read my last blog entry, but I think that we both understand. Well, he seems to; I don't know what I'm talking about half the time.             Actually, I noticed something today; Freya and James are so adorable together! I was walking back with them, and they are just so cute!!!! It's adorable...Sorry, but Mr Raudnitz is coming round and I need to get ready for bed.I'll write when I have time; I'm going on the Confirmation Retreat, so I probably shan't have time tomorrow.Yours,Francesca