Dear Kitty,              I reread my previous entries, and I think...'Goodness, Frano! Is that really you talking about hate?'  Sometimes, I have second thoughts about letting people read this - sometimes, I want to be able to write and not have to...I don't know...worry about whether what I'm writing is going to hurt or upset or worry someone - but then I think about what doing this has got me. If I hadn't started this, then I'd never have got as close to Fraser or Hector...if I hadn't started, then I'd still be miserable and lonely...but I'm not. I've got the best friends in the world, and two of them are just from writing this.              But then I can't help but think that sometimes I wouldn't like to have people read this; I'd be able to write what I thought and nobody would read it because nobody else would know that I had a blog. So then I'd be able to write much more and not have to have and reservations about it...              And then I think what might have happened if I hadn't started.Yours,Francesca