Dearest Kitty,               Just got back from Open House; that always makes me feel better. And I've finally started another (yes, another) book, and the prologue is finished. I think that the book itself will be called 'Chess'; it's pretty poor, but I think that it might get better with time. It's longer than the last, but I think that it's worse (this is my attempt at 'adventure'):                    The moonlight filtered through the bare trees, the branches oddly silhouetted against the vast expanse of purple and grey clouds. Far away, riding down a silver path, a cloaked figure crouched low over the horse, silently urging it onwards. They had been riding all day and half the night when they finally drew up outside an old, seemingly deserted building. The rider knocked on the door of it, and a panel opened. A pair of eyes glinted through it, and a flash of recognition flew through them as they widened. The door opened.              ‘Lady Annette for you, sir.’      The figure of a man stood up, half obscured by shadow. Something glinted inside his cloak, and the woman opened her mouth to scream before the man standing behind her grabbed her waist and put his hand over her mouth. She fought, but it was too late. The moonlight reflected off the dagger for a second, before it was obscured with a thick opaque liquid.                       In the distance, a figure, smiling in malice, stared out of a window and watched the moonlight filter through the tree branches.  Why do all my books have descriptions of the sky in them?        So, pretty bad so far, but I hope that it gets better.I have to go; it's almost bedtime.Lots of love,MexxxxxxP.S. Five days...P.P.S. Note to self; have phone on person at five.