Dear Kitty,           Me again. Just got back from an amazing contemporary musical called 'Stomp!'. It was really good, and some parts were hilarious. It really was amazing.           I've just got changed into my pyjamas, and noticed my arm; it's really not deep at all. I wish that I'd gone deeper...but the pin was blunt (again) I already want to do it again, and this time I want to go deeper than ever, to not have to stop, to just let go forever.             I really should go to bed now, and I will, but I'll say just this; I wish that yesterday and today had never happened. I have to go to bed now...but I want to make everything right and I don't know how. The only way that I can think of is...but that won't help anyone. I need to talk to Fraser and apologise...and Samson. I really shouldn't have said that; it was such a bad idea. It's just that I was already in a bad mood, and Isla was upset...I was just trying placate her. I didn't think that Samson would actually go and read the comments on her wall...I didn't think about him at all, actually; stupid me. Really stupid.           Anyway, I have to go. I'll write more tomorrow. Francesca P.S. About twenty four hours...soon to be one minute, I think. I'm trying to hold off...but I can't see the point. There isn't one anymore.