7 Months

I was thinking today, I do that on occasion, and I started to brew on the fact that my daughter is 7 months.  A thought occured, have those too sometimes, but they hurt, and it seemed silly but it made me sad.
My daughter is 7 months.  She is growing up.  Fast.  Let me show you the progression of growth:
0-6 months - "Oh!  Look at that little baby!"
6-12 months - "Oh! Look at that baby."
1-2 years - "Look at the baby."
2-5 years - "Look at the little kid."
5-9 years - "Look at the kid."
10-14 years - "Oh!  Look at THAT kid."
15-19 years - "Look at that teen."
20-30 years - "Look at that young woman."
30-55 years - "Look at that woman."
56-beyond years - "Look at that little old lady."
So you see, she is on the second teir of the growing up scale.  People have dropped the 'little' before the word baby when they look at her.
I feel lost, and it feels like she's already growing and leaving me behind!  Silly, I know, but I just thought I would share my thoughts...rare as they are it's like finding a pearl when you stumble upon one!