Hi Fred:
Today was indeed my birthday.  People tried so hard to make it a good one.  Kathy took me to lunch.  My sister stopped for a visit . Tom & Molly invited me over to their home for dinner & a great visit.  John stopped by to ask if he & Lee Ann could take me out to dinner Saturday night.  I also received severl phone calls.  It is so good to have really wonderful people in your life.  I am grateful to each of them.
This will be a short entry as I would like to get to bed before 1, 2, or 3 AM.  That is what I have been doing since Nick had to leave. Even when I do sleep I wake up a lot.  If I could get some really good sleep it may help me function better.  We'll see if I can accomplish this.
Good night, Fred.  Thanks for listening.
Darlene   07-14-2011