Hi Fred:  I am sorry not to have written to you for several days.  It has been pretty busy.
Saturday was the Christensen family reunion at my brother's home.  (His wife of 55 years died 18 months ago.)  WOW,  I have never seen so many people all at one time that I didn't know.  The fact I was related to all of them one way or the other did not help.  It was really good to see my oldest sister again.  She has had breast cancer and a major stroke.  She can talk fairly well, still read, and can get around slowly but better than we had expected.
Today John came over and worked on our sprinkler system.  Nick asked him to look after me & help me when he was gone.  John & Lee Ann are honoring his request better than even Nick probably thought of.  They are here for me and continue their friendship even though Nick is not with us.
Today I got a surprise call from Anita (Nick's sister in England.)  She is such a crack up.  It was great talking with her.  I hope she & her husband can come visit next year.
I feel tired most of the time now.  Sleepy no matter what I am doing.  I keep busy but it is just doing things to fill time.  Nothing has much meaning.  But, busy is better than not busy.
That's it for tonight. Thanks for listening again, Fred.
Darlene  07/11/2011