Day 1

So, I masturbated twice today. I'm sick of all this, I just want to be normal. I realized that I need to use all that I have learned so far in order to defeat this monster.
- There is no curiosity, curiosity translates into porn and masturbation
- I blocked porn sites in my laptop and they will stay that way, no exceptions 
- I won't try to find any other kind of porn to block or anything
- It's better to spend time writing or watching something when bored instead of letting thoughts lead me to porn
- If I have free time at night, I'll go to sleep as fast as possible.
- Beauty is just a wrapping, I wont spend time thinking of it
- I will write a journal
- I will write a schedule 
- If the temptation won't go away, I will stretch and do some push ups
- I won't obsess about not watching porn and masturbating but I will stay on guard. 
- I will keep God in mind. Also, I will remember that I want to marry some day and a healthy relationship with my wife.
- I will always wear something that reminds me of this goal. 
- I can't keep waiting forever, if I want to change, I must do it right NOW 
- I will work on my concentration