So I did really bad today.I ate had to be about 800 cals today....if I could purge, I would be happy. I really need to least I have until 8:00 tonight to get in there...but my legs''s ok though, because once I lose weight, there will be less weight on my legs. My legs are not hurting because of how much I exercise, but because of the weight.........I really need to exercise more than I do. I only get 15-30 min in the morning, and about 50-1 hr at night......maybe I can add to my morning workout........I didn't workout this morning either. I did walk and stuff, but I haven't even been to the gym yet.....if I don't work out today, then I'm not eating tomorrow.......if I do eat, it wont be much. Tomorrow I MUST stay under 300 cals.....if possible, 200 cals!
I hate that I am so fat! It's gonna take too long and too much work to lose weight...but I have to......even if that certain guy (or any other guy) likes me less...or not at all, then as long as I'm skinny, I will be fine. If I stay skinny, I will truly be happy! Even if I never get a guy.......actually, once I get skinny, plenty of guys are gonna want me.......even if they aren't that good for me, as long as I am skinny, I'm fine. I will be confident and fine. 
THE PROBLEM IS that I don't think I'm doing enough. I don't eat carbs (esp not breads, pasta, rice, etc, and POTATOES are a DEFINITE no!), I don't eat meat, I stay UNDER 1000 cals (really, I want to stay under 500)....I workout everyday....what else am I supposed to do??????? I need to buy some diet pills.....but I want ones that work.....what else do I need to do........It is extremely important that I lose all this stupid fat!
And I'm not Ana...I am like a  size 15/16. I might can squeeze into a 14, but my size that I wear on a daily basis, that fits the best is a 16. I am 5' 5". Put those together......yeah, I am huge! So I'm not Ana; I really am fat! Even when I lose weight, I will see that I lost the LBS, so I still wont be Ana. Once I get to a size 10 (hopefully by March 8, my birthday), I will start weening myself back onto food. I still wont eat a lot, but I'll eat more. I will slowly but surely exercise less and do less weight loss things. I wont completely stop, because I'll have to maintain that size 10....but I will.........I must lose weight.......I can't take it anymore, I MUST LOSE THIS STUPID WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every last LBS....every drop of fat until I get in a size 10.........