Seems like i havent been here in forever, but i dropped in everyday this week...reading pplz posts and lookin up a few treatment options.  But i felt like i didnt want to talk to all.  The phone rang a few times, didnt answer it.  Grrr.  Did manage to call that man up about my mural, he will be over Saturday to get started. I have to move everything away from the wall..ugg. All of it will be easy to move except this huge friggin antique stereo console. Its about 4 1/2' long and 2 1/2' high. Has the turntable, radio, and 8-track player. Beautiful wood. I just need to get rid of it, i dont want to just put it back after the mural is up cause it will b in the way...ugg....
Well had a good time at my daughterz house for halloween. Had a little party sat.night, then i just went out takin pix halloween night. Stayed at jamies till tues afternoon, then i went to a girlfriends house till thurs when she brought me home. Dang felt like a  I loved it. Even got to visit with my old neighbor and went out for a couple beers with him. No worries..he's  I just love him, he's so nice and has a heart of gold.
My beautiful dog missed me, he just went spastic when i got home. lol And yes the hubby missed me too...didnt have too bad of a mess to clean when i got  He hates cleanin. Sometimes it pisses me off...sometimes it makes me feel needed...idk, that somehow sounds wrong...
Man, i have got to force myself to make a dr app.  Only have 4 ativan left and dread the thought of not havin any. I do not like my dr, hope she is still on leave, I like the replacement dr i saw last time.



I\'m that you came back and posted. I have missed you. Glad you had a good time with your daughter. As far as husband\'s go....
Most of them are like that. grrrrr
As far as it making you feel needed. I completely understand. It does feel good to have some kind of purposse in life. Even if it seems minor to us; it does make a difference to someone else.
Love and Hugs