I feel I will never find me, I am lost , My Giz took the best of me with him, where am I ? So quick with a smile, a helping hand..with a kind word, who loves working with the elderly, being around them holding their hand, being drawn into their memories becoming their daughter their friend their mom , whoever their memory would call out for I became what they needed,, I was actually a piano teacher once ( not) but thats what that woman needed and she was 100 years old how could I not give her that ? Why Cant I do that for myself ? Where am I ,I realize reading this I know the answer, I become what and who people want me to be and have done what would make everyone else happy that I forgot me and now I lost what I loved most my Giz and can never be his mom again, touch , kiss, hold him, why cant I get what I want and need , I want my giz and I want to reclaim me I have lost Giz and myself