Moved my progress bar from 10% to 5%. I feel like i am sliding down again. Maybe i'll get robbed and shot tomorrow, and i wont have to worry about anything anymore.



have no fear, it\'s just a TEMPORARY bump on the path of Healing. you\'ve been worse than this before, and have overcome it. you need to look back at some of your earlier entries, and see the stuff you struggled with then, how you PERSEVERED and gradually (i didn\'t happen over night) you got the mastery of it.

sliding back just means you need to re-do a Lesson again (and we ALL have to do this many, many times.) the \"School of Hard Knocks\" is a never ending process of achievements and disappointments... of bravery and broken bones. however, \"some are stronger at the broken places\"

you\'ll be a LOT stronger for having slid backwards and then moved forwards again. promise.