Well this Sunday i'm off to Minneapolis, to help with the video production side of the Republican convention. Of course just as i am supposed to be leaving a hurricane is predected to hit near the mouth of the Mississipii. I've got a safe place for my familly to run to if it comes to that, but it seems that everytime i leave there is a hurricane. I was in D.C. the day before Katrina hit, and in Orlando when Rita came by. I am trying to get it together enough so that i can prepare the house and the vehicals before i leave. Its just so hard to focus. I think i should take some time out today to go to the state run Mental health clinic today and get evaluated, and give them my current therapists recomondations that i take meds so that i can get it together and be usefull. I've been saying that for a week. I have time right now if i leave now...I'll finish up my thought later, i am going to try to do this.