Just got through an edit session. ( i work in the video production buisness ) It was not a technacaly hard edit job just very long and under the gun. It totaled about 25 hours of editing in just under 2 and a half days. The project was for the International Piano Compatition at Loyola university here in New Orleans. I am not an expert in classical music by any strech of the imagination, but it was nice to listen to. We recorded the whole compatition and it will air on the local PBS station. The whole compitition lasted for a week and we edited it all down in just a couple of days. I gotta say that after i was finnished yesterday my brain felt warped. Even though it was a lot of work i do feel better though.Unfortunatly my son started getting a stomach ache and last night he threw up. We have a doc appointment today to see whats going on.