im feel pretty fucking pathetic right now.
i always think about the worst at  night time when no one is home.
my mom hates me right now cause im such a selfish little bitch and i just left
i feel like im not really apart of my family anymore
i cant complain to much though cause it was my choice.
and now i live with my love, i love it i really do.
its our own little place that no one can tell us what to do or how to act
if i wanna kiss her i can. its the one place her parents cant be  you guys cant stay in her room together
idk i just love it. me talking about this is making me feel alot better:)
ohhh and we have a ferret named mira and i loe her, she is  a brat and is always hyper. but she is so funny and i love her
idk  i wish i had more friends though
but oh weelllll