Lately I have been feeling like I live a lie, because of what I tell people. I don't tell my grandma about the overdoses or anything that has happened all year because my mom doesn't want her to know, all she knows is I moved home because of my bipolar and to get better and to get a job down here. Then there is my family members that I can't remember and I act like I know them because it's just to awkward to act like the new me, I think they resent it to but they say they don't. I don't tell my mom that I'm suicidal because she doesn't need that thought still in her head 24/7. And now with the thought of maybe going into therapy that would all have to come out. I talked to my aunt for an hour on the phone and she thinks I should tell my grandma everything major, but I just don't wanna break her heart because in her eyes I'm the baby. I'm just so confused.