Haven't done an entry in a week or so,,,.. So .. what is going on ??
Seems that I got slammed once again,, the rocket blew up on the launch pad ,,, so to speak,, again,, I suppose that all things being equal I probably did not need the aggravation anyway,, 
Discovered what appears to be some termite infestation,, or signs of termite,, had the house treated many  years ago,,, so it was just a matter of time ,,,
Still applying for and waiting on responses to online part time employment ,,, 
Been attending to my weight loss program pretty consistently .. one of the few pieces that seem to be actually working out well.. doing daily exercise and watching what I eat ,, 
nothing really new going on at the moment ,,, Car insurance seems was automatically rolled over .. I usually pay it before it expires ,,I appear to have missed the date but there was an EFT done ,, not an issue,,
That is about all there is right at the moment ,,,,
If I lose enough weight I am hoping to get off my medication permanently ,, so who knows ??



Sounds so familiar..... keep up the good work on the weight loss! My Bowflex was put in storage on DR\'s orders. I\'m not allowed to do much and always seem to do what I shouldn\'t! lol Then again, I always pay for it!!