A pretty ok kinda day. Payday. Friday. Halfday. Can't hardly get better than that. Was restless and wanting to go on a roadtrip or something, but paid bills and ran errands which took care of that desire. I've been buying CDs from Amazon, a couple at a time, to replace my LPs (albums) and tape cassettes. I've had some of these for over 40 years. Some are my dad's. Wanting to replace them with the CDs since CDs last longer and I can play them in my car.There have been some songs and whole albums I have had to avoid. some I can listen to now, some I try-but can't. Others, like the CD my ex and his band put out...I don't even try. Gonna be a long, long, time before I climb that particular mountain.
Tomorrow will be a week since there has been any contact at all. There will be an animal adoption thing and other stuff going on down on the river..whcih is also where they have the Green Market thing he does...Have not decided yet. I'd planned to go look at puppies-even though I am trying to resist getting another one right now. You never know when that special one is going to "speak" to you. And I don't like to feel that I am backing away from things I want to do just cause he (and #4 once she gets here) will probably be there..But seeing him last week really tripped me up..so I don't know. maybe it will rain and that will settle the whole thing!
Getting a haircut, etc tomorrow so i will be set for going to church on Sunday. This will be a huge step for me. Hoping I won't look for an excuse, any excuse, to not take this step.
Drove past the nursing home on my way back to my apartment. They were doing lunch outside under the shade trees. Had music playing, etc.  Made me miss my dad, cause I used to always go and be with him at these functions.I guess I will get past that eventually. Can still see the look in his eyes that last time when he grabbed my hand and we just sat staring at each other...A very precious memory that belongs to just me... don't have many of those.
Ah well, here's to a good weekend. Or at least an interesting one!