I feel horrible.....major depression has now set in and its starting to get back to the level where I feel comfortable, bad I know but its hard to explain.
was meant to start Avanza 30mg last month, on top of the rest of my meds, but never did start it. Dr then said we will try changing anti depressants, so am now down to 100mg of pristiq and might start cymbalta if I can get myself to do that....would like to be right off of all of them for a while but then its like I start all over again from where I was 10 years ago...i just dont know what to do. Im living like a robot, clean, look after kids and then my favorite time of day when I dont have to feel or think...SLEEP..... Im not enjoying life at all at the moment and I want to die, cause I dont see it getting any better any time soon......enough for now.