Missing you

I still miss you so much it hurts Matt. I honestly can't believe it'll be 6 months on Monday, I feel sick just thinking of it. At times it feels like 5 minutes ago I was tucked up in bed with you playing with your hair and stroking your stubble, God I miss that soo much, other times it feels like forever
I miss the sound of your voice so much, I keep watching a video of you one of your mates put on Facebook, its just you and the lads messing about but I can hear your voice and your mad little laugh and see your gorgeous face. I also keep listening to that recording you sent me of you singing 'Diane Young' in a crazy little voice. I just wish I could hear you for real. Why are recordings and videos the only way I can hear you now? Its not fair babe, its really not. I just want you back. I don't want memories, I want you!!
Miss you more every single day and love you forever and always xxxxxxxxxx