DAY 48

As I was getting started with my day today, I was cleaning up the kitchen and thinking at the same time about what a relief it is not to try to hide what I was about to do on Saturday... Gambling can sure turn you into a liar real fast... which is not the way any of us want to be or think of ourselves.  It's wonderful to be able to be HONEST!
We are fostering a dog for a short time until he can find a home. .. A friend of mine has a friend who is from South AFrica and has to move back quickly & she has a dog that she can't take with her. very similar in size to my own dog.  Anyway, I ended up with the dog to help her out, because otherwise they would have to bring it to the shelter.  He's cute and really no trouble at all, though we can't keep him.
Kind of a fun surprise - we'll see what happens!  Just another thing to keep me busy - furry kids!
Have a fun weekend,