Well, back to a depressed color  I got really pissed off at my brother yesterday because he said that i was eating too much, when i really don't, i just don't eat like a freaking health maniac!  I got soo pissed off that i was screaming  and yelling at the top of my lungs, and i just ended up storming off to my room, .... one minute i'm putting my music as loud as it will go and the next minute i'm sitting on my window sill with the screen off! I don't know how the hell i got there but i was freaking out, everytime i blackout like that some noise always stops me, beating the shit out of that kid a couple of weeks ago someone screamed in my ear,  almost jumping out of the window someone beeped.    I'm sure that it wasn't at me but it worked, i looked down (three stories down, and i'm partly scared of heights) and freaked out and just sat on my bed hugging my pillow and crying my eyes out... I told my best friend Wendy, who knows pretty much everything, and she said that if i didn't tell my mom she would go ahead and tell her.    So, Now i'm forced to tell my mom, even though i know that Wendy won't say anything because she doesn't like talking to parents, not even her own.  Well, i have to finish my Butterfly Cushion for school. wash my hair and get ready for Cadets at 5:45.......BAH!!!!                                                -Perfection