My wife is back.
She left her boyfriend due primarily to living conditions.  She still loves him.
I've taken her back in.  She sleeps downstairs while I sleep upstairs.
I guess the difficult part is trying to decide how much I should open my heart up to her again.  I'm afraid of it getting stamped on.  We need therapy if we're going to make it work again.  But right now, I'm afraid to open up to her because I'm unsure how she will respond.  I'm not even entirely sure that I SHOULD open up to her.
What's more, I'm pretty sure she's spying on my journal entries here again.  I only care kinda, as it seems a breach of trust.  But I'm not saying anything here that I'm afraid for her to see.
So, I'll just let things play out for a while.  Not rush into anything.
Sigh.  Nothing is ever easy.



Unofrtunately you\'re right, nothing is ever easy, but surely the things worth having are the things worth fighting for? xxx

but if she has access to your posts here, then, why cant she read them.. she wants to see and know what you are feeling.. i guess you and her have an agreement not to look at each others post?.. Sorry for playing the devil\'s advocate.... i like you an see that you have horrible pain, and i do not mean to tease you when i ask why she shouldn\'t look.. You could put her on ignore, so she can not be tempted to look? (((Hugs Steve))) i hope you are ok.