Jeeze, I hate being like this.  I like it when my mind is sharp and I can think and come up with all kinds of witty stuff.  Now someone has snuck in and filled my head with gray mud and filled by bones with lead.  No motivation, no will to feel better, no brain worth talking about.  Some sense of dissatisfaction is keeping me awake, like I'm waiting to find something on the DS forums that will make me feel whole and make me feel ready to sleep.  Right now I'm feeling incomplete. Seems like a lot of my frineds are suffering from the I feel shitty's.  I'm worried for so many people.  I know that I can sink right into the pit and still emerge from it safely.  I'm not going to hurt myself.  So many others here are willing to toss their lives away, though.  I worry about it. Well, I can sleep as late as I want tomorrow.  I think I need it.  Now, if that damned cat will just leave me alone I might feel better tomorrow. When I'm not myself I feel like I'm letting other people down.  More motivation to try to kick myself out of this, I guess.  Good night, everyone.