Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Do you ever get the feeling that your scale is just picking a weight out of the air at random sometimes?  I've been a little more careful watching my weight, but 2 pounds in 1 day?  Come on!  I could be happy about it if I believed it.  And if my belly weren't hanging over the pants I'm wearing today.  And if I thought it would last.  Sigh... I somehow have to learn to unsync my mood from my wife's moods. My wife was in the dark pit of hell yesterday, and I let her pull me there, as well.  Not that my work day was great anyway.  I hate it, sitting there doing nothing.  Where the hell is my can-do attitude?  All I seem to summon up is don't-care.  Is this some kind of lack of confidence?  I don't really know. Short entry today.  Gotta get to work.  xcchicka expects a to-do list.  I'm not going to disappoint her.  She's been in such a bad place herself.  Toodles, all.