Had a pretty good day today. It was a little hot, but that's alright with me. I went for a walk and enjoyed that. Seems lately that I'm likeing my own little world, and it does seem like that. I spend a lot of time alone, but I don't seem to mind that now. At times I know when I need to get out, and I do. I haven't been working much the last few days, due to the infection I have in my hand. It's really so much better, but still a little swolen. I'm taking antibiotics for it, and changing the bandage a lot, keeping it clean. I find it hard at times listening to people, and accepting direction. Probably why I've taken so long in A.A. Bob told me the other day he wanted me to not work, and rest my hand. I argued of course, but he was right. In that sense I'm still crazy. No matter what happens, I always seem to want to do the impossible. Seems like it's something to do with proving myself. I still went to work when my hand was at it's worst. All blown up like a boxers glove, and I couldn't move my fingers, but I still felt I had to try and work. I rarely complain about anything that's bothering me, accept of course on here, and with people I trust. There sure is something differant about me. Just can't put it in words. Oh well, probably better that way. Still pondering the idea about moving to the place around the corner. I really don't want to move. Such a pain in the ass. I want to talk to Bob tomorrow about it. If I do move, I still may need his help at times, so I don't want to mess that up. One thing I'm already concerned about, is the heat in winter time here. Last year it was freezing, and I don't plan to go through that again. Cost me a lot in extra hydro for the space heaters too. Thev heat is supposed to be included, and I looked on the lanlord and tennant act that during the winter the minimum temperature should be 70 degrees. Last year there was times it was in the fiftees. If I'm staying here I want it warm. Anyway, I'll talk all this over tomorrow with him. I was talking with Bob a bit today because of the excessive partying that seems to be happening on the front steps too much. I really don't care if they want to party, but they go to far. The front steps are below my window by the computer and I have to shut it because of all the racket they make getting drunk. They all get loud, and arguing about stupid things. I'm sure none of them hears a word that anyone's saying. That's why they get louder. They want to be heard, but not listen to anything. All you hear is swearing and name calling. Anyone walking by probably gets a little scared by it. They have to consider other people living here, and the people walking by, but they don't. Dan puts his speaker in the window and blast the music. That's not right. I would feel ashamed bringing anyone here, because I know it would make them nervous. After they go in, Carlos who sleeps below my bedroom has his T.V. on loud and falls asleep with it that way, and sometimes it bothers my sleep. I've tried being nice, but they don't get it. I'm going to complain again to Bob. He tries acting like I should be the one doing something about it. It's his building. I read a part in the landlord tennant act that if people are bothering other tennants peace you can call some number to complain. I doubt that works. Probably just another way to keep government people in jobs. Anyway, seen Dan today. Doesn't sound like he's doing too well. Not sure, but kinda sounded like he didn't have the rent, and most likely blew it on crack. I feel kinda sorry for him. He's really a good person, but really stuck in drugs. It gets him everytime. Every Friday he gets payed, and Saturday he's broke. He seemed really mad today when he was talking to Bob. Saying something about paying next Friday. Swearing, and just having a fuck you attitude. I hate seeing him in a nasty mood like that, because I know it's really pain he feels. Carlo's surprised me a bit after. Bob was mad at being mistreated, and Carlo's came to the van At times like these, I've learned to keep quiet until the emotions have setlled, but Carlo's jumped on the band wagon. Most of the time they are like real buddies. They have a fight here and there, usually about dope. Carlo's seemed to be trying to encourage Bob to get rid of Dan because he wants his old room back Can you believe that? Turn on your partner, buddy...whatever just so you can have a room. This is why I can't tolerate these people much anymore. Their just a bunch of back stabbing, selfish asshole's. Anyway, time for bed. Thank you, Lord.