Well, today went a lot better. Didn't get as much as I wanted done, but still did a few things. Never made it to the hospital for my antibiotic shot. Not going to miss that anyway, I'll go tomorow. At least my ass won't be sore tonight. Went and payed a little more on the hydro and Bell, so I'm all set for awhile, and the next bills will be very small. Got some laundry done. Been sitting in the bathtub for a couple of days because I couldn't wash it with my hand. Anyway, that's done now and I'm able to use my hand pretty good. So didn't reaslly do much, but enough to get the main things out of the road. I might work with Bob tomorrow just to keep a little busy. I've got enough money to keep me going for a little while. Sure is nice having those bills on my mind. Things like that really stress me out. I also want to talk to the lanlord around the corner about an apartment that a friend will be moving out of. It's a nice place. You share the washroom, and kitchen, but the place, and people seem very clean. Then you have your own living room, and it has a loft of your own upstairs. It's large enough for the cats, and the heat is included. I think you just have to pay for the hydro, and telephone. It's a lot cheaper too. vAbout $475.00 a month, almost a hundred dollars cheaper than here. Only right around the corner, so moving wouldn't be hard at all. I would have to get of a lot, but that's no big deal I don't even really use or need most of it and it's just stuff. I've been tryin to think of some way to do it. So I guess this is that way. Well see how that will go. Anyway,pretty tired right now so I'm off to bed. Thank you so much Lord for all you d