Another day

Boy, things seem to be dragging out a bit with this job. Haven't heard from Jordie lately, or the people that own the place. I started just doing things on my own that I wasn't told to do, but I know it needs done. Even took some supplies of my own to do the floor, but not sure about charging them for it, since they never told me to do it. I just want to do it because it gives me something to do. It isn't far from where I live so that's convieniant for me. Anyway, Im going there today to finish the floor. So far it looks fantastic. They will like it for sure. I looked on line all about it before I started because I really wasn't sure about it. It's a laminated wood floor that's been pretty neglected. Lots of scratches, and no shine at all. Took a lot just cleaning it yesterday. Have to make sure it's absolutely spotless, and no dust, and that's hard in a place that your renovating. Oh well, let it be what it will. Kinda tired today. It's beautifull outside. Suns shining, and the birds are chirping. The fresh air smells great.Feeling a bit lonely lately. Seems like the only thing that keeps me from getting down about that is staying busy. I have been doing that pretty much, but wish I had someone to come home to. The cats are great, but I think we all need someone of our own kind. I do have someone I love, but they are far away. We talk often, and that does help a lot, but as usual I want more. I am being patient about it tho. I know sometimes you have to wait for good things in life. I've started looking at getting a waiver to go to the States. Really seems like a lot of money. Takes a long time too. But I guess over the time things will work out. Just seems like one of those things that seem impossible, but anything can happen when your sober. Just have to take it one day at a time. Thank you Lord.