Today has really been a day of rest for me, and the cats. I went to the noon meeting today, and really enjoyed it. Later I came home and had a nap with Jet curled up beside me. That was nice. Jimmy slept too out on the couch. Their still sleeping at 6pm.I can't get over how I used to feel at the meetings before, and now. I really like the people, and look foreward to seeing them. Before lots of things would iritate me. Things they said, I would nit pick at in my mind. The way they dressed, or just anything I would criticize in my mind. That's not a bother anymore. Even this one guy, turned lady, I've started making it a point to say hello when I see her. It's diferant for sure. I've been getting to meetings, almost everyday now. I know I need them, and they do help me a lot. I need people. It's just not good for me trying to do things on my own. I know that. On my own, and doing my own thinking i just get myself messed up sooner, or later. My addiction is just not something I can think my way out of. I need the help of other people to do it, and that's fine by me. I still get thoughts at times about drinking, but I think back to someone I care about and how it afected everything. It wanted to take that relationship away from me, and I seen that. I want that relationship to develope. I want all the good things that have started to take place because of not using, and I'm sure there's more to follow. Things really aren't that complicated, or frustrating anymore. I like people, and they like me. I can work much better, and take care of things. I can even have money now in my pocket without the fear that I might use. I had my landlord hang onto my money before, but I'm alright now with it. I know I want recovery. Recovery is my life. Tonight I'm going to another meeting. This one lady that I really respect is having a birthday. I think she's twenty something years sober. She a good person, and I respect her a lot. Normally I would just stay home, but I want to be there. She lived a hard life, and has done her work well. Anyway, have to get ready. Thank you Lord.